1 Picasso for 100 Euros

Lottery Drawing
“1 Picasso for 100 euros”
18 December 2013
at 7:00 pm
Sotheby’s, Paris
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A chance to win a Masterpiece!
A powerful gesture towards a better future!


“1 Picasso for 100 Euros” is an international online tombola organized by the International Association to Save Tyre, with the support of Sotheby’s in order to raise funds to support Tyre, the Lebanese city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You could win an authenticated Pablo Picasso: L’Homme au Gibus! (Man with Opera Hat)

The funds raised will allow the International Association to Save Tyre to realize two of their projects:


By buying a ticket, you will be contributing to the protection of a World Heritage Site, while trying your luck at owning a masterpiece!

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Learn more about the IAST & its projects

Tyre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a Lebanese city 70 kilometers south of Beirut. This city, quite similar to Alexandria, was one of the largest harbors of the Phoenician era, giving birth to the sea trade in the Mediterranean and beyond.

It is a city of arts and crafts: blown and tinted glass, purple and Tyrian pink colors came from the know-how of this city, dating back well before Christ.

However, this millenary city has known irreparable damage. Along with the passing of time, it has witnessed deadly bombings, illegal excavations, the pillaging of its cultural riches and savage urbanization.

Tyre faces new threats today, linked to current urban development (new Southern highway, landfills in its historic bay, the deterioration of its Phoenician harbor…)

This is why the International Association to Save Tyre tirelessly pursues its mission: the implementation of activities aimed at heritage protection, the preservation of the marine environment, the rehabilitation of traditional crafts, the promotion of cultural tourism and socioeconomic development.

The funds raised by the INTERNATIONAL TOMBOLA, “1 Picasso for 100 Euros”, will finance two of the IAST’s projects:

1- Institute of Canaanite, Phoenician and Punic Studies

It is essential to give the cultural dimension of development the importance it deserves; thus sprang the idea of establishing an Institute for Canaanite, Phoenician and Punic multidisciplinary studies.

This institute of documentation and research will boast a modern infrastructure to allow e-learning in the fields of archeology, history, ancient languages, restoration and preservation. It will develop inter-university and interdisciplinary programs to promote Heritage. Academic Chairs will give this Institution universal scope. A digital library, real collective memory, will be equipped with a communication and dissemination system linking it to various similar institutions around the world. It will also include important documentation on the Phoenician, Canaanite and Punic eras, necessary for research. International public and private institutions, museums, libraries and archivists will be consulted and internet-linked.

This place of culture and interaction will be affiliated with an international academic consortium. The project, run by the IAST, is supported by UNESCO, the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, the French Academy, the Library of Alexandria and the EMUNI (Euro-Mediterranean University).

The workings of this Institute will foster socio-cultural development and shed light on an important era of the Mediterranean history.

Through this Institute, Lebanon will perpetuate a tradition of cultural communication that has historically largely contributed to the dialogue between Civilizations.

2- Artisanal Village “Ashtart”

The International Association to Save Tyre is an NGO accredited by UNESCO since 1983. It aspires to establish a Center for the Development of Traditional Crafts: the Artisanal Village of Ashtart.

The Village will help avert the disappearance of ancient techniques and will assist artisans. It will revitalize this sector by establishing pilot workshops and selecting/developing products that could be marketed abroad to generate growth and employment. This project mainly encompasses the youth, women and the disabled.

At a later stage, the production of the purple color based on the ancient methods will be explored by researching the Murex, a Mediterranean seashell.

These workshops will foster the training of artisans and production. Training is essential for the success of this program. It is the only way to ensure excellence and the crafts renaissance in Tyre.

The workshops will build technical cooperation links with European centers specialized in each of these disciplines. These centers will be required to delegate some of their master craftsmen to participate as instructors in training missions in Tyre at regular intervals.

Once the production quality reaches its desired level, we will establish a local and international distribution chain, through “Artisans du Monde”, museums’ shops and specialized fairs.

This project will thus enhance the development and competitiveness of artisanal products, the training of apprentices and the inclusion of vulnerable groups (youth, women, disabled), as well as the transmission of disappearing ancient know-how.