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The League of Canaanite, Phoenician and Punic Cities enhance the links of the past to develop a better future.
Its aim is to create a solidarity network among cities which have common history in order to revive the ancestral bonds.

The geographic proximity, the common interests, the historic relations are factors that open new perspectives of dialogue and cooperation between Mediterranean Cities.

It is worth noting that the Phoenicians originated from Canaan. The Greek were the ones who called them “Phoenicians” on the East Mediterranean Coast, then they became “Punics” in North Africa.

The Canaanites edited the modern alphabet and spread it through trade. They were very well known for their skills in handicrafts such as blown glass and purple dye.

Universities in these cities shall develop research and studies on this important and neglected period of history. It shall give the opportunity to specialists to confront the results of their works and recall the role played by these civilizations.

During those centuries, Phoenicia, the land of cross-roads and exchange installed peaceful relations among nations. Its radiation covering the shores of the Mediterranean sea has reached the most distant boundaries of the ancient world. The Canaanites, the Phoenicians, then the Punics were the forerunners of the North-South dialogue.

The purpose of the League is to develop cultural and socio-economic bonds prelude of multidimensional cooperation from one city to another. Forums and exhibitions will be organized in member city, to prove that the promising perspectives reside in dialogue, scientific exchange and in the trade of ideas.