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“WHO HAS EVER EQUALLED TYRE, QUEEN OF THE SEAS?” this quotation from the Bible, while emphasizing the importance of the role played by the illustrious Mediterranean metropolis, bears witness to only a small part of the fabulous history of a city that has successively sheltered Phoenicians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusades and Ottomans, leaving the marks of history on its shores and in its soil.

Tyre, the maritime city, to which we owe the maps of Marinos, the inventor of longitude and latitude calculations,… and whose intrepid navigators established trading posts throughout the Mediterranean and beyond Gibraltar…

“Tyre, mother of Cadiz, Carthage and others… Its harbor was filled with ships… All seas were covered with its purple sails and its fleets reached distant islands…”

Tyre, to whom the West owes the alphabet of Cadmus and Europe owes its name…

Tyre, not only independent but also receptive, susceptible, city of mythology and of the gods…

Tyre, is Porphyry, the reformer of Plato’s philosophy, Antipater the philosopher who taught in Greece, the famous Apollonius who gathered and made a list of the stoic philosophers and their works since Zeno, the platonic philosopher Maxime, the famous jurist Ulpian, father of Roman Law…

Tyre was the birthplace of societies of likeminded professional people… working with the great architect of the temple of Salomon, Hiram-Abi, honored by the Freemasons today who they still consider as their master, they were the artisans who built the great Phoenician harbors…

Tyre’s history is mingled with all the great events of ancient times. In this four thousand year time frame one can find: fable, poetry, sacred and profane history, Agenor, Dido, Hiram, Nebuchadnezzar, Herodotus, Homer, Virgil, Le Tasse, Alexander the Great, the Bible, Saint Louis and Saladin, the Crusades and the Councils…

It is not our intention simply to reflect on past glories, but to use our collective identity to enable us to view the masterpieces of former ages, not as legends frozen in their glorious past, but as examples that can stir us, give us inspiration and help us to build the future.

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Created in 1980 at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, the International Association to Save Tyre (AIST) includes eminent personalities from the worlds of culture and science concerned with the future of this ancient metropolis of Phoenicia. The AIST created Tyre Foundation to mobilize sponsors and help support its vast program of preservation and development.

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